These all natural soap bars will make your skin feel so fresh, hydrated and healthy. They are made with the best skin loving oils: coconut, olive and non-gmo canola oil. They smell amazing and you will soon be hooked on them!


Vegan friendly !


Handcrafted by The Happy Hippy Soap Company in Gabriola Island, BC.

Happy Hippy soap bars (multiple scent options) 6.5 oz

  • 6.5 oz


    Black magic woman: coconut oil, olive oil, non- gmo canola oil, aqua, vanilla and spearmint oils, activated charcoal, iron oxide

    Tangerine dream: coconut oil, olive oil, non-gmo canola oil, aqua, annatto powder, and oils of orange, tangerine, clove and cinnamon

    Purple haze: coconut oil, olive oil, non-gmo canola oil, aqua, lavender oil, lavandin oil

    Granola bar: coconut oil, olive oil, non-gmo canola oil, aqua, honey, oatmeal

    Happy hippy: coconut oil, olive oil, non-gmo canola oil, aqua, patchouli and peppermint oil, iron oxide


  • About each bar:

    Black magic woman:

    Activated charcoal is legendary for its ability to deodorize and detoxify. Used in soap it's also gentle exfoliator. Vanilla and spearmint will melt and soften your heart.
    "Scrub your back with me baby... scrub your back with me baby..."

    Tangerine dream:

    Dreaming of clean skin? People swear by the cleansing properties of this soap.

    Listen to the colour of your dreams- The Beatles

    Purple haze:

    Thought to have antiseptic properties, Lavender has been used for centuries to treat everything from minor skin irritations to anxiety and insomnia. Calm down with calming and balancing Lavender.

    Granola bar:

    Contains anti-inflammatory oatmeal on one side to help with dry, itchy skin and also excellent as an mild exfoliant. On the flip side there is honey to attract and hold moisture to the skin.
    So yummy for your skin you will want to eat it! (but don't ;)

    Happy hippy:

    Scented with balancing and grounding Patchouli and refreshing and clarifying Peppermint, this soap is favored by free spirits, artistic souls and hippies of all generations!


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